TANZANIA MILLENNIUM HAND FOUNDATION –TAMIHA is a nongovernmental and not for profit organization established in 2007. TAMIHA aims at reducing poverty and other vulnerability situations in Tanzania communities. It seeks to do this by addressing MILLENNIUM GOALS. Its target populations are the marginalized peoples of the poorest regions, such as orphans, widows and people living with HIV/AIDS. 
TAMIHA understands that demographically, the people with these have the most difficult time coping with the economic situation of this typically third world country due to their social handicaps. Debilitating factors such as a broken family, no parents from whom to be raised, and perhaps not even a willing soul to lend a helping hand, badly inhibit these people from obtaining the most basic of human necessities, including food, clothes, shelter, education and love. 
Unfortunately, these handicaps and daily struggles are historically so commonplace and expected, that often times victims will find themselves situated in either of two extremes: accepting their situations and living out their short lives of drudgery, or accepting the wealth and superficial “help” of first world donations and volunteers, who quite inadvertently doom these populations to an economic infrastructure of financial dependence. 
Time and again, throughout the history of continental Africa circa and post colonization has this social phenomena been shown to manifest. TAMIHA wishes for Tanzania and all African nations to achieve economic independence and prosperity, but is against the notion of handing over money, help, and supplies as gifts, or “zawadi” to be used up carelessly without first laying down infrastructure upon which to make these assets beget themselves and multiply. 
It is essential for the poorest people of this nation to learn how to help themselves and the first ingredient of this prosperity recipe is belief. The people must believe that their own ideas and manpower can be implemented in order to better their lives. 
It is the hope and principle ideology of TAMIHA that by redirecting the major mindset and attitude of status quo acceptance towards enthusiasm for innovative new projects, the Tanzanian natives will start to create their own socio-economic wellbeing.

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